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Electrically Related Applications and Templates

PSpice 9.1 Student Version
This is the electronic simulation software used in many of your classes. It is provided courtesy of Cadence Design Systems.

Warning: This is a 27.95 MB file.

Simple Serial
A wonderful java program for interfacing a windows based PC to the serial port. This should definitely be used in place of Microsoft Hyperterminal. (An added bonus is the DLL library that will allow you to write Java programs to interface to the serial port without the need to use the JavaComm interface.)

General Software

You will be using many software resources during your studies within the ECET department. This page provides a number of useful links to FREE high-quality software you may find beneficial.

Sun Java J2SE SDK
OpenOffice requires the Java SDK that can be downloaded from Sun's website. This installation will also prove beneficial for future code development in a number of classes. Download the latest version by going to this link.
OpenOffice is an incredible office suite. It gives you all the standard features of a typical office suite plus many unique bonuses. Of particular interest is the fact that OpenOffice allows you to export documents in PDF format and drawings in FLASH format. (Yes, OpenOffice also save files in the standard Microsoft Office formats but that's not really all that important for us).

Before installing this package, you will need to install Sun's Java SDK. See the previous item for that link.

SciTE Editor
This is a very nice text editor that can come in handy for programming and HTML projects.

An excellent Java program for creating mind maps. This tool can help you organize ideas, notes, papers, life, etc. in a very intuitive visual way. Definitely worth a look.

Convert 8.5"x11" PDF datasheets to Booklets
A nice utility that allows you to print datasheets and the like in a nice booklet format. Give it a try.

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