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Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Building Q
Suite 2SE (241-256)
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060

Phone: (678) 915-7246
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ECET Guides and Templates

This section of the ECET web page was designed to provide each of our students with an easy method for accessing general lab information including guides and templates.

"Preparation of Lab Reports" Document
A guide for writing formal lab reports. This document provides general guidelines for all ECET lab reports. Your instructor may have other requirements so make certain to ask.

Formal Report Template
This formal report template can be used in OpenOffice or Microsoft Word.

Standard Component Template for OpenOffice Draw
There are a number of ways to create schematics for your labs and classes in our department, but this file provides a nice template for OpenOffice Draw that contains standard components and formats.

Utilizing MathCad to Solve 3 Equations and 3 Unknowns
Solution techniques include: determinants, matrix inversion, and solve blocks.

PSpice Tutorial