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Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
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Home >> ECET >> Courses >> Course Materials >> ECET 4420 >> ECET 4420 - Communications Circuit Applications

ECET 4420 - Communications Circuit Applications

Class Materials
Course Description and Outline
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Lab Materials
Lab 1-Amplifier Design and Simulation
Lab 2-Network Analyzer Measurements
Lab 3-Designed Amplifier Measurements
Lab 4-Oscillators and Mixers(Part1 and Part2)
Lab 5-Phase-Locked Loops- TIMS
Lab 6-AM Modulation
Lab 7-AM Detection
Lab 8-Tuned Collector Amplifier
Lab 9-Measuring Inductor Inductance and Resistance
Lab 10-Matching Networks(Prelab required)
Lab 11-SSB Modulation

Professor Thain