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Course Materials

Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Building Q
Suite 2SE (241-256)
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
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ECET 3410 - High Frequency Systems

Class Materials
Course Syllabus

Lab Materials (Moved to D2L)
Lab 1-Power Measurements
Lab 2-Time Domain Reflectometry
Lab 3-VSWR
Lab 4-Introduction to Vector Network Analyzer
Lab 5-Determining an Unknown Load
Lab 6-Single Stub Tuners
Lab 7-Smith Chart Project I (not available early)
Lab 8-Swept Frequency Measurements
Lab 9-Smith Chart Project II (not available early)
Lab 10-Waveguides

DC Transient/TDR simulation
DC Traveling AC Waveform Generator
Smith Chart Problem Solver
Simple Fiber Animations

Dr. Walter Thain

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