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Program Educational Objectives

The faculty of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Department have adopted the following Program Educational Objectives for graduates of the TCET program.

  1. Possess an appropriate knowledge of the fundamentals of telecommunication engineering technology, mathematics, science and technologies in order to adapt to rapidly changing technologies.
  2. Function and communicate effectively, both individually and within team, demonstrating ethical, respectful and professional behavior in  all environments and associations.
  3. Apply creativity in design, testing and maintenance of telecommunication engineering technology systems, and think critically to identify, evaluate and solve complex technical and non-technical problems.
  4. Recognize the need for a commitment to pursue continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning.
  5. Be cognizant of contemporary professional, societal and global issues and be aware of and respect diverse cultures.
  6. Obtain and maintain a meaningful employment in their respective disciplines and attain increasing levels of responsibility and leadership in chosen career fields.
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