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SPSU SoTL Publications

The following papers are a result of the work done by faculty members at Southern Polytechnic State University based on the SoTL mini grants they received. For detailed information about the research topic, please contact the corresponding author.


No. Author Title
01 Craig Chin Evaluation of a Flipped Classroom Implementation of Data Communications Course: Challenges, Insights and Suggestions [PDF]
02 Donna Colebeck "E.T.C." - ("Engage, Think, Connect") …and so forth… for student engagement and critical thinking [PDF]
03 Adeel Khalid Text Books: ebook Vs. Print [PDF]
04 Kuo-Sheng Ma Works-in-Progress: Biomedical Engineering Education for Electrical Engineering Students using Effective Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Strategy [PDF]
05 Jon Preston Expanding Learning Pathways in Computing [PDF]
06 Christina Scherrer & Leigh Sharma "Is it Going to be on the Test?" An Introductory Study of the Factors Influencing Engineering Technology Student Motivation [PDF]
07 Erin Sledd A Comparative Assessment of Online, Hybrid, and Classroom Delivery of Technical Communication [PDF]
08 Beth Stutzmann Flipped Classroom Pedagogy Research & Retention [PDF]
09 Chi Zhang Health Mobile App Development with App Inventor in a Health IT Course [PDF]
10 Jack Zheng A Co-Lecturing Method for Student Engagement [PDF]


No. Author Title
01 Kami Anderson Social etiquette on a post-it note: Adapting the college classroom to the Asperger's student [PDF]
02 Bill Diong Videos and Video Podcasts - What Engineering Educators Ought to Know [PDF]
03 Adeel Khalid Teaching Aircraft Design Course Using Real and Virtual Wind Tunnel [PDF]
04 Mohammad Mayeed Lessons learned developing and teaching a non-traditional course: Computer Aided Engineering [PDF]
05 Hassan Pournaghshband Cross-Listing In-Class and Online courses: Benefits and obstacles [PDF]
06 Jon Preston Gamification of College Life [PDF]
07 Christina Scherrer Improved Retention and Other Impacts Benefiting Engineering Technology Undergraduates Involved in High School Outreach [PDF]
08 Sonia Toson Gaming as an Educational Tool in Law Classes [PDF]
09 Jennifer Vandenbussche A Study of the Effects of Early Incentivized Remediation in Prerequisite Material in a Calculus I Course [PDF]
10 Chi Zhang Using Fink's Integrated Course Design Model in Developing a Health IT Course [PDF]
11 Jack Zheng Active Learning: A Network of Team Blog Websites [PDF]