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SSARPG Advisor Training

Fall 2014 Workshops


Advanced DegreeWorks

Presenters: Julie Newell & Maralee Clarke

SPSU uses DegreeWorks for advising and tracking of students’ academic progress. In addition to knowing the minimum requirements it would be good to know the advanced features of DegreeWorks to be an effective advisor and mentor. This workshop will discuss the advanced features of DegreeWorks.

Workshop Dates Time Location  
09/08 12pm - 1pm CTE Flexible Classroom Register
09/15 4pm - 5pm CTE Flexible Classroom Register
09/30 12pm - 1pm CTE Flexible Classroom Register

Advising, Counseling, and Mentoring

Presenters: M.A. Karim & Phyllis Weatherly

With professional advisors doing the majority of registration advising specially for first two years, the role of faculty advisors (mostly for senior level courses) and as career mentors should be stressed and explored in more detail.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the definition and differentiation of advising and mentoring
  • Learn the role of advisor and the mentor
  • Understand the legal boundaries as advisor and mentor
  • Know the difference between counseling and advising
Workshop Dates Time Location  
08/27 12pm - 1pm CTE Computer Classroom A Register
09/24 12pm - 1pm CTE Computer Classroom A Register

Advising Students on Academic Probation

Presenter: M.A. Karim

Students on academic probation have fallen below minimum GPA standards and risk being expelled from the University. These students not only have GPA issues but often need help perfecting study skills and time management. This workshop covers the role of the advisor concerning students on probation. Advisors play a big role in not only helping the student plan to increase his/her GPA but also referring the student for various types of assistance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the probation / suspension / dismissal process at SPSU
  • Know how to determine which advisees are in academic trouble
  • Learn types of student groups that are traditionally more vulnerable to academic probation
  • Learn advising techniques to use with a student to help increase the student’s GPA
  • Understand SPSU resources that help to increase the success of students on probation
Workshop Dates Time Location  
10/20 12pm - 1pm CTE Flexible Classroom Register

Advising Transfer and Non-Traditional Students

Presenter: M.A. Karim & Kami Anderson

Transfer students is an integral part of SPSU and they encounter different challenges than traditional students, and faculty need to be informed of these differences and how best to assist the success of transfer students.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the difference between transfer and regular students
  • Learn how to help register the transfer students
  • Know the contacts as to who can be contacted for any questions about transfer students such as course equivalent/transfer procedure and other requirements
Workshop Dates Time Location  
10/29 12pm - 1pm CTE Computer Classroom A Register
11/12 12pm - 1pm CTE Computer Classroom A Register