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Master Advisor Program

Are you passionate about advising? Academic advising is recognized as a key factor in retaining students and maintaining their progress to graduation. SPSU faculty now have the opportunity to enhance their advising skills by pursuing the designation of "SPSU Master Advisor." A Master Advisor must be a full-time faculty member (or professional advisor*) at SPSU.

The Master Advisor title honors faculty who:

  • are recognized as having demonstrated advanced competencies in advising-related areas;
  • have a desire to continue to expand their advising expertise; and
  • demonstrate through their attitudes and actions a desire and passion for advising.

Master Advisor candidates will pursue professional development in the area of advising, will conduct a self-assessment related to advising, and will develop a portfolio highlighting their expertise and commitment to effective advising. All faculty receiving the Master Advisor designation will also receive a one-time payment of $1,000 as Extra Compensation.

The Master Advisor designation recognizes achievement and dedication in the area of student advising. The Master Advisor designation does not require additional responsibilities; however, Master Advisors will be resources to other faculty who seek to pursue excellence in advising. The Master Advisor designation will be given to individuals who successfully complete the requirements outlined below.

* With their manager's approval, the professional advisors of each school are able to participate in the Master Advisor program to enrich their knowledge of advising topics. For the Professional Advisors, the focus topics should reflect a concentration pertinent to enriching an advising aspect within their specific school and should be discussed beforehand with their manager. The Professional Advisor is not eligible for the extra compensation but should attend the Master Advisor ceremony to receive "Master Advisor" designation.


The Master Advisor Program requires a three-year commitment with the following activities to be completed each year. All activities must be completed by July 15 of each year.

Year 1:

  • Complete the required four-hour Faculty Advisor Training (FAT) session and complete all subsequent required annual Advisor Update sessions (as required by all full-time faculty). Effective Fall 2011, the FAT workshop has been delivered as a part of the New Faculty Orientation.

Year 2:

  • Faculty will first self-select into the Master Advisor Program and attend one of the "Introduction to the Master Advisor Program" workshops. These workshops are scheduled in the CTE classroom; please see the CTE workshop calendar to register.

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  • Faculty must complete the yearly Advising Updates Workshop required by all full-time faculty. This workshop may be delivered in person or available online
  • Faculty must complete four advising workshops during the academic year. The "Introduction to the Master Advisor Program" workshop counts as one of the required four workshops.
  • Faculty must complete a "Self-Assessment for Advising" which includes preparing a two year plan for improving and assessing your advising skills, plus identifying an advising focus area for Year 3. The "Self-Assessment for Advising" must be completed by December 1 and submitted to the Teaching Fellow for Advising (contact information below). The guidelines for completing the "Self-Assessment for Advising" are described below.

Year 3:

  • Faculty must complete the yearly Advising Updates workshop required by all full-time faculty.
  • Faculty must complete four advising workshops over the academic year.
  • Faculty must develop, conduct, and evaluate a "Student Advisor Survey" completed by their individual advisees.
  • Faculty must complete a "Master Advisor Portfolio" summarizing their activities and progress, demonstrating their professional development in the area of advising. The preliminary guidelines for completing the "Master Advisor Portfolio" are described below.
  • Faculty must make a presentation on their activities to the SPSU community (scheduled through CTE).
  • Faculty must attend a special ceremony held in their honor to receive their "Master Advisor" designation.


Please complete the Master Advisor Enrollment form (found below) and return it to the Teaching Fellow for Advising by the deadline listed. The form can also be submitted at one of the "Introduction to the Master Advisor Program" Workshops.

Forms & Documents

Master Advisor Track  
Master Advisor Enrollment Due October 1
Self-Assessment for Advising Due December 1

All forms are to be returned to the Teaching Fellow for Advising:

Dr. Jennifer Louten
Department of Biology and Chemistry (Mailstop E-183)
Office: E-108
Phone: 678-915-3602