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The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) was planned in Spring 2002 and implemented during Summer 2002.  Then VPAA Sandy Pfeiffer appointed a Teaching and Learning Committee in January 2002 and charged the committee to prepare a plan to establish a Teaching and Learning Center at SPSU.  The committee recommendation was accepted in March 2002, naming the new program the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and in April 2002 a search was conducted to identify a faculty member to serve as the first CTE Director and to Identify 10 Teaching Fellows to serve during FY 03.

Faculty who have served as CTE Director include:

  • Scott Tippens, ECET (03-04)
  • Keith Hopper, ETCMA (05-06)
  • Bob Harbort, CSE (07-08)

Scott Tippens (03-04) was selected to serve a two-year term as the first CTE Director.  Along with the ten 2003 Teaching Fellows, he successfully designed and set up the CTE location, created a website and print materials for the CTE, established a variety of faculty development activities through CTE, selected, trained, and supervised CTE Graduate Assistants, and worked with the FY 03 Teaching Fellows to display the year's accomplishments in a Showcase held in April 2003. 

As a part of a reorganization, in May 2008 the CTE became an activity of the Academic Support Center (ASC) and was managed by the CTE Advisory Council. Teaching Fellows continued to be selected annually for a variety of projects. In July 2010 another reorganization made CTE an activity of the Faculty Growth & Development (FGD) Unit of the Office of Faculty Support and Development (OFSD). FGD Director Dawn Ramsey works with the CTE Advisory Council to develop, deliver & evaluate FGD programs and activities and to manage the CTE facility.