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MSSWE Program Requirements

Masters of Science in Software Engineering Course Requirements



Transition Courses

Transition courses cover essentially undergraduate material mastery of which is crucial for student success in the program.  Transition courses are assigned based on an applicant's credentials and do not count towards the Masters of Science degree.  Transition courses will be assigned from the following set:

  1. SWE 6623 Software Engineering
  2. CS 5011 Fundamentals of Computer Architecture
  3. CS 5021 Fundamentals of Operating Systems
  4. CS 5031 Fundamentals of Database Systems
  5. CS 5123 Advanced Programming and Data Structures
  6. CS 5183 Object-Oriented Programming
  7. CS 5423 Mathematical Structures for CS
  8. CSE 1301 if needed

* students in older catalogs may take CS5013 instead of CS5011, CS5021 and CS5031 

Core Courses

Core courses are required for all students in the program.  Currently, the program offers the following core courses:

  1. SWE 6613 Requirements Engineering
  2. SWE 6633 Software Project Planning and Management
  3. SWE 6653 Software Architecture
  4. SWE 6673 Software Quality Engineering and Assurance
  5. SWE 6733 Software Engineering Process
  6. SWE 6743 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  7. SWE 6883 Formal Methods in Software Engineering

Elective Courses

Depending on whether students take the project or the thesis option, they are required to complete 4 or 3 elective courses.  In addition to the software electives listed below, students can take any 6000 level courses in Computer Science or Information Technology or approved courses in Systems Engineering, which are listed below.  At least two electives must be in Software Engineering.

The current Software Engineering electives are

  1. SWE 6753 Computer Game Design and Development
  2. SWE 6763 Software Metrics and QA
  3. SWE 6783 User Interaction Engineering
  4. SWE 6813 Component-Based Development
  5. SWE 6823 Embedded Systems Analysis and Design
  6. SWE 6843 Embedded Systems Design and Construction
  7. SWE 6853 Design Patterns
  8. SWE 6863 Software Engineering Ethics and Legal Issues

The approved Systems Engineering electives are

  1. SYE 6005 Introduction to System Engineering
  2. SYE 6025 Engineering Economic Analysis
  3. SYE 6030 Modeling and Simulation

Students who entered prior to spring 2009 should contact the program coordinator for the MS in Software Engineering, Professor Jonathan Lartigue, (jlartigu@spsu.edu, 678-915-3426).  Prospective students who are interested in the program are encouraged to contact Prof. Lartigue directly and/or to visit the pages specifically aimed at them here.

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