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Graduate Certificate Programs

We offer the following Certificate programs:

Graduate Transition Certificate in Computer Science

The Graduate Transition Certificate in Computer Science prepares individuals for Master's level computer science programs or entry-level positions in the industry. The program is designed for those students holding an accredited bachelor's degree in an area unrelated to computer science and having an interest in computer science.

The required courses are (all 3 credit hours):

CS 5003

Accelerated Introduction to Programming*

CS 5123

Advanced Programming & Data Structures

CS 5153

Database Systems

CS 5223

Computer Architecture

CS 5243

Operating Systems

CS 5423

Mathematical Structures for Computer Science

Prerequisites include:

  • Calculus

Applicants with satisfactory preparation in some transition topics may be allowed to substitute up to two approved 6000-level courses for the same number of required courses.

*    Students with absolutely no programming experience may prefer to take CSE1301 before CS5003.


Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering

The primary goal of the Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering (GCSWE) is to give practitioners, who have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a closely related field and at least one year of relevant work experience, the opportunity to advance into leadership positions. The focus is on sharpening capabilities to function effectively in software engineering teams producing higher quality software. The GCSWE consists of 6 3-credit courses, namely

Required Courses
SWE 6623 Software Engineering
SWE 6633 Software Project Planning and Management
SWE 6743 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Elective Courses
Any three 6000-level classes in SWE or CS, at least one of which must be in SWE


Graduate Transition Certificate in Software Engineering Foundations

The GraduateTransition Certificate in Software EngineeringFoundations (GTCSWEF) prepares students with undergraduate degrees in non-computing areas to transition into the field of software engineering and consists of 5 courses.



Required (3 hours)


SWE 6623 Software Engineering



Two of the following 3 hour courses (6 hours)


CS 5003 Accelerated Introduction to Programming


CS 5123 Advanced Programming and Data Structures


CS 5423 Mathematical Structures for Computer Science



AND Two of the following 1.5 hour courses (3 hours)


CS 5011 Fundamentals of Computer Architecture


CS 5021 Fundamentals of Operating Systems


CS 5031 Fundamentals of Database Systems





Certificate in Programming

The Professional Certificate in Computer Programming is an undergraduate certificate that is aimed at people who have had some post-secondary education and/or several years of work experience to start careers in computer programming.  The focus of the program is on programming skills, and database and web development skills.

Programming Certificate Program Objectives
The Programming Certificate Program prepares our recipients to reach the following goals beyond completion:
  • Provide students with ability to transition into the computing profession.
  • To provide students with fundamental programming skills.
  • To provide students exposure to implementing computer applications.
Programming Certificate Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate from the professional certificate program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficient programming skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of databases and applications using databases.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of application web programming.
Certificate in Programming Requirements
  • CSE 1301 Programming & Problem Solving I (4 credits)
  • CSE 1302 Programming & Problem Solving II (4 credits)
  • CS 3153 Database Systems (3 credits)
  • IT 3203 Introduction to Web Development (3 credits)
And one of the following:
  • SWE 2313 Introduction to Software Engineering (3 credits)
  • CS 3424* Data Structures (4 credits)
  • IT 4203 Advanced Web Development (3 credits)
Total: 17 - 18 hours
*NOTE: CS 3424 has a pre-requisite of MATH 2345 Discrete

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