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21. How can the counselor help me if they have not had a similar experience?
  While counselors may not have had the same experience as you, they do have training that helps them listen and probe with questions to gain a greater understanding of the student's presenting issue.
22. Will my going for counseling show up on my school records?
  No, counseling services are not part of your school records. Our records are treated similar to those when you go to the doctor or dentist and are protected under HIPPA rules.
23. What if my parents or a professor want to know about my sessions with the counselor?
  If you are 18 years old or older, parents will not have access to information from your counseling sessions. Any information the Career and Counseling Center releases can only be done so if a release has been signed by the client. No parent, faculty member, staff member, not even the Dean of Students has access to your records unless you sign the paperwork giving them the right to talk directly with our office concerning your problems.
24. What if I just need information for a referral?
  The Counseling Center maintains a list of local mental health professionals and agencies and is happy to share this information.
25. What if I need longer-term help?
TOP If you need help that is outside of the scope of our services, a counselor can provide you with a referral to a qualified professional.
26. What can I do if I am concerned about a friend, classmate, or other person in my life?
  Consultative visits are available in-person or by phone. Ask to set up an appointment with a counselor to discuss what is happening with your friend and what kind of help you think they need. If you think they are in danger, (harm to themselves or others) contact either Campus Police at 678-915-5555 or dial 911 immediately.
27. Are there self-help resources I can utilize?
  There are a number of self-help resources on our website. Go to our home page click on counseling and you will have access to academic, career, and personal counseling. Under each link you will find external links that can be beneficial to your needs.
28. When will I start to feel better?
  Many people report feeling better after one session. This may be due to feeling good about having made a decision to get help or the relief that comes from being able to discuss your concerns with someone who is understanding and non-judgmental. Long-lasting relief will come from working through the issue that impacts your life. When you feel you have made measurable improvement, you should share that information with your counselor so the two of you can review how you are progressing toward your goals established at the first session.
29. Can I quit counseling when I'm ready?
  You can quit counseling at any time. Like the intake, the formal termination of counseling is important to the overall counseling process. This will be a face-to-face meeting with the counselor. During the termination session, the two of you will look at what goals have been achieved during the counseling process. Likewise, you will discuss the importance of going from that point forward.