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1. What is counseling?
  • A growth process to help define goals, make decisions, and solve problems related to personal, social, educational, and career concerns.
  • A collaborative effort where your concerns are discussed, not a passive process in which the counselor "fixes" you or your issue.
  • An opportunity to identify new ways of thinking and behaving, and to work on implementing them in your life.
  • The place to go when you get "stuck" so you can get "unstuck."
  • A place to talk over what is on your mind with an objective person, who can help you learn new skills and ways of looking at situations.
2. But I thought only "crazy" people went for counseling!
  You don't have to be severely disturbed to see a counselor, in fact only a small percentage of clients have had serious emotional issues. Most clients come to work on something that is impeding their progress in some aspect of their life. Instead of being "CRAZY", people who utilize counseling are "SMART" and "SHOW GREAT STRENGTH."
3. What can I expect from counseling?
  You can expect to work with a professional counselor who will assist you in identifying the areas in your life where you want to make changes and improvements.
4. What should I not expect from counseling?
  Counselor are not advice givers and they don't "fix" problems. They will help you find the needed resources to assist you in reaching your personal goals.
5. Mostly women go to counseling, right?
TOP No, many men come for counseling to help them with some of the same issues that women are dealing with at college and in life.
6. What kind of counseling is available at the center?

Academic counseling is designed to help students discover how to achieve their desired academic goals. It helps them become self-directed learners by developing effective skills for college success. Common topics are time management, study skills, test anxiety and testing strategies.

Career counseling is designed to help students evaluate their abilities, talents, and personality characteristics in developing realistic academic and career goals. Decisions such as helping to decide what major you want, what kind of career you would be best suited for, and what careers warrant further investigation.

Personal counseling is focused on the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical issues impacting ones ability to function at a normal level. Typical issues include depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem, anger management, grief and loss and many more.

7. Who will I see if I come for counseling?
  You will meet one of our professional counseling staff or a counseling intern. All of our professional staff have at least a Master's degree in counseling or psychology and are licensed. Our counseling interns are working toward their Master's degrees and are closely supervised by one of our licensed counselors. We have both male and female staff members to attempt to meet our client's needs.
8. What are my rights in the counseling process?
  • A student has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to receive services that are nondiscriminatory, and to receive services from qualified staff.
  • A student has the right to be fully informed regarding the treatment and techniques the counselor proposes to use and the intended outcomes. 
  • Moreover, a student has the right to be informed of alternative ways of working with a concern or difficulty.
  • A student has the right to stop work with a counselor at any time or to request a different counselor.
9. What can I expect at my first visit?
  Your first visit is what we refer to as an "Intake" where you will complete some paperwork and then you and the counselor will talk. Usually at the first session the counselor will ask a series of questions to help determine what will be the best plan of action for future sessions.
10. How long will I need to be in counseling?
  You and the counselor will determine how many sessions are needed to get you headed in the right direction toward your life goals.