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Counseling FAQ's

The following are some questions that people frequently ask about counseling.  We hope you will find this information helpful. Should you have any questions which are not addressed, feel free to stop by the Career and Counseling Center in the Lower Level of the Student Center, call us at 678.915.7391, or email a counselor.
1. What is counseling?
2. But I thought only "crazy" people went for counseling!
3. What can I expect from counseling?
4. What should I not expect from counseling?
5. Mostly women go to counseling, right?
6. What kind of counseling is available at the center?
7. Who will I see if I come for counseling?
8. What are my rights in the counseling process?
9. What can I expect at my first visit?
10. How long will I need to be in counseling?
11. When will my counseling sessions take place?
12. What if I have an emergency?
13. Can we do counseling by phone or via email?
14. Are my visits to the Career and Counseling Center confidential?
15. How does counseling help?
16. How do I make an appointment to see a counselor?
17. What if I can't make my appointment?
18. Am I assigned a counselor or do I get to choose who I want to see?
19. Who can be seen for counseling?
20. Is there a charge for these services?
21. How can the counselor help me if they have not had a similar experience?
22. Will my going for counseling show up on my school records?
23. What if my parents or a professor want to know about my sessions with the counselor?
24. What if I just need information for a referral?
25. What if I need longer-term help?
26. What can I do if I am concerned about a friend, classmate, or other person in my life?
27. Are there self-help resources I can utilize?
28. When will I start to feel better?
29. Can I quit counseling when I'm ready?

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