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CM Department Cookout Spring 2011 on 02/16/2011

CM Department Cookout Spring 2011 on 02/16/2011

On behalf of the Construction Management faculty, Staff, and the students, we would like to thank Alex and Chuck for organizing the February 16 Cookout event at Southern Polytechnic State University. Alex brought his state of the art "Green Grill" that was made of scrap metal and had all the features for energy conservation. Most importantly, Alex with his colleague Andy, cooked burgers and hot dogs for all the CM, CET and Architecture students who were present during the cookout. In addition, Mr. Mike Hardin CM IABChair Building Committee and President of ABC also participated in the event with CM students. Chuck Little sponsored the food for the cook out though the Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association. CM faculty staff and students would like to thank Chuck for his help and the generosity of his association.