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Masters Program Required Courses

CM 6000 Information Methods 4-0-4

A course in communications technique improvement and preparation for functioning in an information based society. Conceptual and methodological issues in construction research will be explored with emphasis on construction specific resources. Data development and analysis will be studied to include the concepts of validity, reliability, and applications of statistics.

CM 6100 Construction Law: Contracts and Claims 4-0-4

This course focuses on the legal problems and concerns frequently encountered by constructors and others who participate in the construction process. Topics include the formation of contracts and the various contractual relationships; methods of modification and termination of the contracts; exploration of licensure and professional liability of the construction practitioner.

CM 6200 Strategic Bidding and Estimating 4-0-4

A review of all normal bid-preparation activities that should take place in a prime contractor's organization from the initial decisions on project selection and receipt of drawings and specifications, through the estimating process and sub-bid research, final bid assembly, markup and submission, to postmortems and necessary follow-up actions. Significant attention will be devoted to bidding techniques, strategies, practices, and methods recommended to handle these functions.

CM 6600 Construction Risk Analysis and Control 4-0-4

This course focuses on the safety practices mandated by government regulation and required by good business practice. The costs of safety and the lack of it is examined. Workers' compensation insurance cost is integrated into the issues of safety. Exposure analysis, risk management, risk transfer and the costs associated with each are examined in this course.