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Center for Georgia Aggregates Research

SPSU Center for Georgia
Aggregates Research 
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060

CGAR Facilities


Key Testing Equipment:

1. Interlaken UniTest System with Environmental Chamber & Triaxial Cell

2. IPC UTM 14P Machine with Triaxial Testing Cell

3. Pine Gyratory Compactor

4. 20-Qt. Laboratory Bench Mixer

5. Automatic Mechanical Compactor

6. Percometer (Tube Suction Test)

7. AFCT2 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion System


List of Testings;

1. Standard Method of Test for Determining the Resilient Modulus of Subgrade and Aggregate Materials (AASHTO 307-99, NCHRP 1-28A)

2. Standard Method of Test for Determining the Resilient Modulus of Stabilized Aggregate Materials (AASHTO 307-99, NCHRP 1-28A)

3. Triaxial Shear Tester (ASTM WK3821, D4767-11, D2850-03a)

4. Asphalt Dynamic Modulus Test (AASHTO T342-2011)

5. Indirect Tension Test for Asphalt Mixture

6. Tube Suction Test using Percometer

7. Flow Time & Flow Number of HMA using Creep or Repeated Load

8. Resistance to Permanent Deformation of Bituminous and Aggregate Materials

9. SuperPave Mix Design

10. Permanent Compressive Strain Characteristics of HMA

11. Measurement of Coef. of Thermal Expansion of Concrete (AASHTO T 336)





The service contract from CGAR has been signed by SPSU and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

Starting May 2012, the funded special research study has focused on the structural analysis of Georgia pavements containing aggregate base layer in the state of Georgia.
The CGAR has been playing a significant role to accurately identify the pavement structure and provide meaningful analyses of Georgia pavements for GDOT.