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Lift Station Upgrade FA12


Mason Falls Pumping Station Upgrades/Expansion 


Group Members: Jeffrey Lytle, Asad Ravat, Becky Morrison




This preliminary engineering design presents the design for upgrades for the existing Mason Falls Pumping Station (MFPS) located in the city of Sandy Springs, Fulton County, Georgia. The site is located in the North side of Sandy Springs and lay adjacent to the Chattahoochee River, approximately half a mile from the Morgan Falls Dam, see drawing C-1 for site location and site vicinity map. There were three different aspects of the MFPS project designed; road and parking lot improvements, pumping station upgrades, and air pollution control. The road and parking lot improvements focused on making improvements and repairs to the existing access road and parking lot to facilitate large delivery/maintenance trucks. The pumping station upgrades focused primarily on upgrades of the pumping station building and equipment to facilitate higher capacities of expected future sewage flow. The air pollution control focused on removing adverse odors from the raw sewage that entered the wet well.  The focus of the design is to provide efficiencies to the existing pumping station.