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Student Projects


Ashborough Village Rottenwood Creek Restoration Project

FALL 2013

Group Members: Titus Johnson, Andrew Miller, Curtis McCoy

Acworth Sports and Amusement Park

FALL 2013

Group Members: Who Hnag, Cody Owenby, Abby Rettig, Daniel Timmons


Trinity Chapel Church of God

FALL 2013

Group Members: Thierno Diallo, Adam Musick, Phillip Snider


Polk St and Mountain View Rd Intersection Redesign

Group Members: Eric Brisse, Brit Sutton, Andrew Pearson


Mason Falls Pumping Station Upgrades/Expansion

Group Members: Jeffrey Lytle, Asad Ravat, Becky Morrison


Chlorine Disinfection System 

Group Members: William Waldron, Josh Durkee, Neal Conley, Webb Hansard