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Minor in Geographical Information Systems

This minor is designed to provide a practical set of GIS skills to students who have an interest in one of the many areas of GIS applications such as surveying, real estate, marketing, geography, land development, urban planning, environmental control, or business. Students should have an interest in mapping, spatial analysis, and software applications. Students from many different majors can be successful in completing the minor as the only prerequisite math course is MATH 1113.

Minor in Geographical Information Systems (GIS): Total of 16 hrs:

  1. SURV 2110 Introduction to Mapping 4 Credits (3-3-4): Prerequisite MATH1113
  2. SURV 3421 Geographic Information Systems I  4 Credits (3-3-4): Prerequisite SURV 2110
  3. SURV 4420 Remote Sensing 4 Credits (3-3-4): Prerequisite SURV 3421
  4. SURV 4422 Geographic Information Systems II 4 Credits (3-3-4): Prerequisite SURV 3421

TOTAL: 16 Credits


Contact Personnel

Roberts, Allen, Ph.D.
GIS, Surveying and Mapping
Phone # 678-915-7375
Office: L-153 

Professor Matt Wilson, RLS
Surveying and Mapping
Office: 678-915-5502

Professor Timothy W. Zeigler, P.E.
Chair, Civil Engineering Technology Department
Office: 678-915-5495

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