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Barrier Removal Project at Nickajack Creek


Three CET professors (Carlos Ortiz, Fatih Oncul, and John Lee), conducted site investigations for a potential barrier (or obstruction) removal project on Nickajack River at the Heritage Park. The project idea was originally initiated by Professor Peter Sakaris from the Department of Biology and Chemistry. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a national fish passage program that funds projects that remove barriers to fish movement (and the movement of other aquatic organisms, such as crayfish). Prof. Sakaris asked support from the CET professors to find out more about the concrete barrier; why was it installed there first, and does it still serve for a purpose preventing from being removed? CET professors made a detailed site investigation, including visual inspections, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and GPS surveys. GPR surveys were conducted using a 500 Mhz antenna to see if there is any significant size object or pipe buried under the barrier. The results revealed that it was very unlikely. The project is still under progress.


barrier   ortiz_barrier  oncul_lee_gpr   oncul_lee_gpr2