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Battle of Mixes

Battle of Mixes


CET team wins SPSU's 1st 'Battle of the Mixes': If it hadn’t been for the bitter cold, it would have been a perfect day for students from the SPSU student chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) who took part in the first annual SPSU “Battle of the Mixes” concrete battering-ram competition on Dec. 7. After all, they got to build reinforced concrete walls and then bash them to bits, all in the name of education.

The competition consisted of three teams of students from the engineering division and civil engineering technology (CET), each sponsored by a local purveyor of ready-mixed concrete – Ernst Concrete, Ready Mix USA and Vulcan Materials. Working together, the teams and the firms designed and constructed concrete battering rams.

The team that brought down one of the aforementioned four-inch-thick concrete walls with the fewest number of blows was made up of CET students Bryan Sartin (vice president of the ACI student chapter), Troy Galloway, Zack Lammers, Nick Thornton and Josh Conrad. They partnered with Ernst Concrete to design the winning ram. Although the ACI student chapter works closely with Georgia’s concrete industry, the competition afforded them an opportunity to network with new faces in the industry while learning more about working with concrete. ACI’s Battle of the Mixes was organized by chapter President Clint Behm, Sartin and chapter Secretary Enrique Chacon-Silva. Helping out were Dr. Wasim Barham, an assistant professor in the Division of Engineering, and Dr. Ilseok Oh, director of the civil and construction engineering program and the Georgia Pavement Research Center.