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Fluid Mechanics Lab



The all-inclusive bench houses equipment to prove many fluid properties and the Statics equations used in the study of liquids.

Density can be measured using a Eureka can, or a beaker or density bottle of known volume.

Specific gravities are read directly with hydrometers placed in flasks filled with various liquids.

Kinematic viscosities are calculated by recording the time it takes a steel ball to travel through a flask of liquid.

Pressure measurements are recorded using manometers, a barometer and a Bourdon pressure gage.


The relationship between pressure and elevation is proven using a set of Pascal's tubes with different sizes and shapes.


Hares' tubes, containing a known liquid and unknown liquid, can be placed under the same pressure and the specific weight of the unknown liquid could be calculated from the difference in the heights of the liquids.

archimedes Validity of Archimedes' Law, stating that the buoyancy force equals the weight of the displaced fluid, is confirmed by submerging a cylindrical body attached to a rod in a fluid setting on a balance.
quadrant tank Location of the center of pressure and the vertical and horizontal forces on vertical and curved surfaces are proven using a quadrant tank containing water and balances.
stability Stability of a floating pontoon boat is examined by locating the center of buoyancy, and the centers of gravity and metacentric heights for various angles of list. The highest location for the center of gravity before the boat becomes unstable can be extrapolated. 
 firction  PIPING  SYSTEM: An enclosed pipe network system along with electronic sensors, a flow meter and pipe network computer program is used to compare experimental head losses with theoretical head losses.  Through the use of valves, multiple configurations can be assessed.
open channel OPEN CHANNEL:The velocity and flow rate of water in an open channel is measured by using weirs, floating objects and flow meters.