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Google Web Toolkit

The Google Web Toolkit, GWT, finally delivers on the promise of cross-browser, desktop-like web applications. It is quickly becoming the de facto standard for creating web-based applications. GWT solves the problems of browser differences and removes the need for multiple languages by allowing the UI and the server components to be written in Java. It does not require a browser plug-in. Topics covered include UI components (checkboxes, text fields, etc.), layout managers, event handling, and connectivity to remote resources, browser history management, image management, and internationalization. The class is structured as a series of lectures and hands-on labs. The labs may require work outside of the class. There is a one-hour examination at the end of the last class period that covers all class topics. The class is a pass/fail certification, which means that the labs must be completed and evaluated by the instructor and students must score at least 70% on the exam. Students have one calendar week from the last class to complete and turn in their labs. SPSU will provide desktop machines at their facilities but students are encouraged to use their laptops for class work. (2.5 CEUs)

Prerequisite: Accelerated Java or Beginning Java from SPSU’s Continuing Education Center or current Java programming experience. This class is not intended to teach the Java programming language. (Students who have completed the Beginning Java class at SPSU may wish to gain practical experience before attempting this course.)

13SP0300 July 7-21 (Sa, 8:30am-5pm)