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Accelerated Training in Healthcare Project Management

  • This 40-hour course will guide students chronologically through a typical project to facilitate their understanding of the work and considerations they will encounter at different points throughout the project.
  • Course content will be organized around PMI’s five process groups (Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor/Control, Close) and relevant content from each of the nine PMI knowledge areas will be discussed as part of the process group. As an example, during the Planning process, the course will cover the key activities that Project Managers need to address in Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Risk Management, etc.
  • The course will employ a case study relevant to Healthcare Information Technology.
  • Classroom and homework exercises will reinforce the concepts discussed during class.
  • Students will develop key project deliverables (e.g. Charter, State of Work, Requirements Document, Risk Register, etc.) for the case study and share these with the class
  • The course does not replace the PMP preparatory course. It will, however, incorporate a limited number of tools and techniques from each knowledge area (e.g., duration estimating techniques and duration compression techniques in Time, contingency reserve calculations in Risk, Budget Estimates in Cost, etc.) 3.5 CEUs

Prerequisite: Minimum two years of project management.

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