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Accelerated Training in Fundamentals of Information Technology

This program will cover the Fundamentals of Information Technology for those disciplines that are least familiar with IT concepts and usage. After completion of this program the student should have a fundamental knowledge of IT and its application in business environment generally and healthcare specifically.

The program covers topics such as computer systems hardware, software and connectivity; computer and its operating systems environment; databases; information systems and healthcare informatics; system integration; large scale computer system planning and implementation; World Wide Web, social media, online communications; mobile and wireless computing; and cloud computing.

This program is an 40- hour accelerated course, over 5-Saturdays. There are also weekly lab works as well as various assignments to instill the concepts. There is a weekly test as well as a final test to complete the program.

The graduate of this program could apply for entry level jobs requiring IT knowledge or to become more specialized in the healthcare industry. From this fundamentals course they would then proceed to a program called Accelerated Training in Health Information Technology (AT-HIT).

Prerequisite: A bachelor's degree, or 3 years of professional work experience..

Tuition: $1,800

14SH2103 May 31 - Jun 28, 2014 (Sa 8:30AM-5:00PM)