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Job Search Preparation

There’s a difference between finding a job and finding a good job. An important key to your success will be the time you spend preparing yourself for the job search. It’s not enough to sign up for a few on-campus interviews or attend a Career Fair and hope for the best. To be successful, you have to understand how you are being perceived by potential employers throughout the job search process.

In fact, the job search process requires you to treat it like a job in-itself. Each day you have to set aside a certain amount of time dedicated to your search. The more concentrated your focus, the greater your opportunities will be, no matter what field you are in.

Listed below are some resources that can assist you in presenting your “best self.” This is but a small sample of the information that is available, but we hope these links will provide the necessary information to assist you in the job search process.

Sample Resumes Cover Letters Social Media
Resume Tools Interviewing Preparation Networking
Academic Projects Researching A Company Job Applications
Transferable Job Skills Salary Calculator-Negotiations  Business Cards

 Sample Resumes



 Resume Tools

 Academic Projects

 Transferable Job Skills

 Sample Letters

 Interviewing Preparation

  1. Step By Step (Interviewing Skills)
  2. Researching A Company
  3. What To Wear
  4. Interview Questions
  5. Other Things To Consider
  6. Follow-up After The Interview



 Researching A Company

 Salary Calculator / Negotiations

 Social Media

 Business Cards



Job Applications