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Interviewing Methods

Many employers conduct their interviews on campus.  For students to participate in this process, you must have an account in Career Link and have your resume uploaded.

For on-campus interviews, employers utilize two methods to select candidates.


For this method, Career Services sends a group of candidates' resumes to the employer.  The employer then chooses who they want to interview for the position.  Students are then notified through Career Link or are contacted directly by the employer to set up the interview.

Open Sign-Up

For this method, the employer establishes an interview schedule within Career Link.  Once that is done, interested students can then schedule themselves in an available time slot.  This method works on a first come, first serve basis.

The majority of employers choose to pre-screen candidates for interviews.  There are many employers who also like the open sign-up method because it tells them which candidates are interested in their company as a potential employer.

To see which employers are planning on-campus interviews, click on the link below.

Interviewing Policies

On-Campus Interview Schedule