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Summer Camp Guidelines

Camper Drop-Off

  • Campers are to be dropped off in lot P28 (see campus map). You must park your vehicle in a parking spot, and escort your camper to the check-in desk. All outstanding balances must be paid before camper is allowed to be checked-in.
  • Campers may not be dropped off any sooner than the start of camp at 7:30 am.
  • All forms and waivers must be signed and turned in prior to sign-in.


Camper Pick-Up

  • Camper pick-up will be held in the lobby of building A, the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center. Please park in lot P35 (see campus map).
  • Anyone picking up a camper must present a photo ID before camper will be released. We will not release your camper unless proper identification is given each day.
  • Please pick-up your camper on time between the hours of  5:00pm and 6:00 pm. Tardy pick-up will result in being charged $10 per every 5 minutes after 6:00 pm.
  • Anyone authorized to pick up your camper from camp, including you, should be listed on the Emergency Contact & Child Pick-Up form.
  • Early pick-up must be arranged at drop-off. In case of emergency, arrange early pick-up by contacting a camp coordinator at 678-915-7374.


Personal Items

  • 1st-5th graders must bring a change of clothes to camp each day.
  • All personal items brought to camp are your camper’s responsibility and must be labeled with their name.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent will not be provided or applied by camp staff.
  • Staff will encourage safe and proper application.
  • Leave all electronics, valuables, and cell phones at home.


Code of Conduct

Children are expected to display appropriate behavior at all times. To assure the maximum enjoyment of the program by all participants, please review the following guidelines with your camper. Your camper is expected to:

  • Show respect to all participants and staff
  • Be pleasant to others and refrain from using foul language
  • Refrain from causing harm to self, other participants and staff
  • Use equipment, supplies, and facilities properly
  • Always wear shoes
  • Stay with the group



If behavior problems arise, you will be contacted that day to discuss the nature of the problem. The following disciplinary techniques will be used for uncooperative campers:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Time-Out: the camper is removed from activity for duration of up to one minute per year of age.
  • Parent Involvement: if the camper has difficulty controlling themselves, the parent will be contacted to handle the situation.
  • Removal from Program: if problems persist or the behavior is severe, such as causing intentional harm to others or consistent disruptions of camp activities, the camper will be removed from the program for the day or rest of the week. No refunds will be given for disciplinary removal.


Medical Issues

  • You will be notified in the event of any injury IF so requested on the Health & Medical form.
  • You, or the emergency contact, need to be available to pick up your child from camp. In the event of a medical emergency you will be notified immediately. This can include camper illness and severe injury.



  • If your camper has special needs for medication during the day or is on a drug holiday, please make those needs clear on your Health & Medical form.
  • Parents are expected to bring whatever medical supplies or medications their camper will need each day and turn it in to staff at check-in, along with written instructions. Staff will be happy to remind them to take medication if we are notified in writing about their schedule. If your camper has a strong allergy to bee stings or other conditions that require the use of an epi-pen, the camper is expected to have the required supplies with them at all times, and they should also know how to administer these injections themselves. If a child needs assistance administering an epi-pen, a staff member trained to provide this assistance will do so.


Communicable Disease

Campers, including their siblings, with an infectious illness (H1N1, pink eye, hand, foot & mouth disease, etc.) must be removed from camp immediately for the safety of the other campers. A pro-rated refund will be issued.


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For more information please contact:

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