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The Poly Program

Welcome to The Poly Program

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Kennesaw State University, Marietta Campus, The Poly Program provides a safe summer day camp for 2nd-8 graders, where everyone is encouraged to make new friends, explore and develop new skills, and simply have lots of fun!

The Poly Program provides a significant and empowering opportunity for growth because we take the time to ask what is needed to help your child succeed. We have conducted assessments to determine the experiences that will best help your child meet their goals and prepare them for the upcoming grade level.

In a high-potential, extremely positive environment, your child will be challenged to solve problems by seeking solutions. Our team members have strategized collaboratively, created plans and have implemented lessons learned through their experience teaching. Facilitators are certified Cobb County/Marietta City teachers that are focusing on the transfer of newly discovered guiding principles that relate to actual challenges faced at school.

Our unique low and high challenge courses were developed in Summer 2012 by certified Cobb County/Marietta City teachers. All camp counselors are current education majors to insure your child receives a powerful learning experience at all times during the camp. Our course offers an indoor meeting area, facilitation stations, catered food services, covered dining areas and other amenities providing your child a summer setting in a productive and stimulating environment.

"Poly" is defined as "much or many", meaning The Poly Program is designed to incorporate many various activities. Each week is given a different theme in which all activities and curriculum sessions are related. Monday through Thursday campers will participate in fun math and science sessions. This will ensure your student keeps their mind fresh over the summer break and is ready for school again when fall comes. Fridays, at The Poly Program, do not include curriculum sessions. Instead, "Friday Fun Days" include special programming related to that week's theme.



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Bobby L. Burk