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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for a minor in Business Administration?

Fifteen hours of Business Administration courses are required. You must take MGNT 3105. Of the remaining twelve hours, at least six of them must be upper division (e.g. 3000 or 4000 level) courses. The other six hours can be either upper or lower level courses.

Do I have to "declare" a minor?

No. Nothing is required to you to take courses towards a minor. When you get ready to graduate, you will list the minor on your petition to graduate. Including the minor on the petition to graduate is the only administrative action required for the minor.

Can I count other courses taught by the Business Administration Department?

Almost any course that begins with MGNT, ECON, or ACCT will count towards your minor. The one possible exception is ECON 1101.

Can I use ECON 1101 towards a minor?

For most students, the answer is no. Most students who take ECON 1101 take it as part of the core, specifically what is called Area E. SPSU policy is that courses in Areas A-E of the core cannot be double-counted. That means if you use ECON 1101 to fulfill part of your core requirements, you cannot double-count it as part of your minor. If, however, you took ECON 1101 and do not need it to fulfill your core requirements, then you can count it towards a minor in Business Administration. However, that will not apply to most students.

Some Business courses are taught by the IET Department. Will those count?

No. Only courses that begin with MGNT, ECON, or ACCT will count towards your minor.

I am majoring in IET and I have to take four MGNT courses as part of my major. Can I count these towards my minor in Management?

Yes. SPSU allows courses like these to be double-counted, once towards your major and again towards your minor.

I only have four of the five courses needed to complete the minor. Can I use a course substitution for the last course?

Generally speaking, no. University policy is to leave the decision regarding course substitutions for the minor to the departments issuing the minor. Except in very unusual situations, the Business Administration Department does not allow course substitutions to complete the minor. Generally speaking, only transfer courses that come in as a business course, ACCT, ECON, and MGNT courses can be used to complete the minor.

Do I have to take all the courses for the minor at SPSU?

No. According to the undergraduate catalog:

"To receive a minor, a student must complete at least six hours of the upper division requirements for the minor at Southern Polytechnic State University. Transfer credit may be used to satisfy the other requirements for the minor. Specific courses for minors are listed at the end of the curricula section of this catalog."

What that means is that at least two of your upper division (3000+) minor courses must be taken at SPSU. The others can be transferred in from other schools.

Can I count cross-registration courses towards my minor?

Yes, as long as they are business courses. As far as SPSU is concerned, cross-registered courses are treated exactly the same as courses taken at SPSU.

Kennesaw State University (or some other university) has a minor in Marketing (or any other minor of interest). Can I take cross-registration courses to get that minor instead of a minor in Business Administration?

No. Since you are graduating from SPSU, you can only graduate with a minor that SPSU offers. You can cross-register for courses in Marketing or Finance or other business areas and count them towards a minor in Business Administration but you can only graduate with a minor that SPSU offers.

Can I count 6000-level MGNT courses towards a minor?

No. 6000-level courses are graduate courses and cannot be used towards an undergraduate degree. In addition, undergraduate students are not allowed to take MGNT 6000-level courses. There is no graduate minor in Business Administration.
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