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Master of Business Administration (MBA)
ACCT 6000    Managerial Accounting 3 hours
MGNT 6002    Corporate Finance 3 hours
MGNT 6004    Service & Operations Management I 3 hours
MGNT 6005    Managerial Economics 3 hours  
MGNT   6008    Marketing Management  3 hours  
MGNT 6010    Management of Information Technology 3 hours
MGNT 6025    Managing Professionals 3 hours
MGNT 6090    Strategic Management 3 hours
MBA Electives 12 hours
  Select 4 additional elective 6000 level courses with  
  concentrations in,Accounting (additional prerequisites), Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations and Technology Management, Quality Management, and general (selection of four electives).  
Total for the program 36 hours
An overall “B” average (3.0) is required for the MBA, including in the 5000-level transition courses, is required. No more than two "C" grades may apply to the MBA degree.
Transition Courses
The following transition courses may be required to fulfill prerequisite requirements if an admitted student has not successfully completed coursework (a grade of "C" or better) in the specific subject areas. These transition courses may not be used to satisfy MBA degree requirements. Students may obtain the Transition Certificate if they complete all eight courses.
MGNT 5000    Survey of Management 1.5 hours
MGNT 5002    Survey of Financial Accounting 1.5 hours
MGNT 5004    Survey of Managerial Accounting 1.5 hours
MGNT 5006    Survey of Finance 1.5 hours
MGNT 5008    Survey of Marketing 1.5 hours
MGNT 5010    Survey of Business Law 1.5 hours
MGNT 5012    Survey of Economics 1.5 hours
QA 5000    Statistics for Quality 1.5 hours



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