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Course Descriptions


  1. MGNT 5000: Survey of Management. Broad analysis of the many facets of management; including the fundamentals of management and organization, managing people and production, marketing management and strategies, contemporary business and their responsibility, and management careers.

  2. MGNT 5002: Survey of Financial Accounting. A study of the underlying theory and application of financial accounting concepts.

  3. MGNT 5004: Survey of Managerial Accounting. A study of the underlying theory and application of managerial accounting concepts.

  4. MGNT 5006: Survey of Corporate Finance. This course provides an introduction to financial analysis, budgeting, sources and uses of funds, management of assets, short and long run financial strategy and interpretation of financial data as these relate to the process of business decision-making.

  5. MGNT 5008: Survey of Marketing. A study of the theory and principles of marketing. Emphasis will be placed upon the concept of customer satisfaction. Topics to be covered include total quality management (TQM), innovation, product distribution, cooperative associations, advertising and salesmanship, and the development of brands and trademarks.

  6. MGNT 5010: Survey of Business Law. An introduction to the legal system as it applies to commercial transactions and a study of the law of contracts and torts. Ethical issues in business will also be addressed.

  7. MGNT 5012: Survey of Economics. Provides and introduction to current issues in American society buttressed by reference to economic theories that assist in explaining and understanding macro and micro economic policy.

  8. QA 5000: Statistical Concepts
    Note:The Business Administration Department will no longer be offering MGNT 5014 Survey of Statistics. MGNT 5014 is being replaced by Statistical Concepts for QA.

MGNT 6001  Management Communications
Effective communication skills are essential for managers in high technology environments.  This course will emphasize skill building in writing, oral presentations, interpersonal communication, and research.
MGNT 6002 Corporate Finance
Prerequisite: MGNT 5006 or undergraduate accounting and finance courses
This course includes a review of capital budgeting and ratio analysis, making further extensions in the areas of probability-dependent project analysis, co-varying risks and optimal capital structure. Other topics include working capital management, insurance, and hedging strategies.
MGNT 6004 Service and Production Operations Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 5000 and QA 5000 or an undergraduate course in management principles and an undergraduate course in statistics
A survey of service and production operations management. Topics include productivity, forecasting, competitiveness, operations strategy, product and service design, process design selection, capacity planning, facility layout, design of work systems, and location planning.
MGNT 6005 Managerial Economics
Prerequisite: MGNT 5012 and QA 5000 or an undergraduate course in principles of economics and an undergraduate course in statistics
An analysis of economics that applies microeconomic techniques to business decisions. In particular, it connects economic theory and economics in business practice. Course contents include risk analysis, production analysis, capital budgeting, decision theory, and financial economics.
MGNT 6008 Marketing Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 5008 or an undergraduate course in marketing principles
This course will present the logic and common sense associated with sound marketing management principles under changing global conditions. The student will be able to apply these principles, not only to specific managerial environments, but also to understanding events occurring on a daily basis in today's dynamic global marketplace. Through cases and projects students examine strategic and tactical planning and decision making for marketing situations.
MGNT 6010 Management of Information Technology
A comprehensive study of the concepts and issues involved in managing information technology within organizations. Includes focus on information technologies, acquiring and applying information technologies and systems, and their utilization in managing and decision-making activities.
MGNT 6015 Technology and Innovation Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 5000 or an undergraduate course in management principles
This course emphasizes innovation and creativity, and evaluation and analysis of new technology. The objective is to learn how to evaluate new technologies (either hard or soft) in order to be able to determine whether or not to make significant investments in them.
MGNT 6020 R&D Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 6015
A systematic examination of product innovations ranging from planning and research to development and commercialization or implementation of new product technology. Topics include pertinent business policy and strategic management issues, the process of innovation, concepts and interconnections between product and process creativity management, technology transfer, and relevant marketing issues. Students will analyze cases and complete a project.
MGNT 6022 Sales Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 5008 or an undergraduate course in marketing principles
Sales management will highlight the differences experienced by a sales manager from those of a manager geographically located with his or her subordinates. The "arms length" supervision requirements of sales management will better equip the student to manage and motivate any group in a business environment. Emphasis is also placed on hiring skills needed to maintain and expand a sales force.
MGNT 6024 Business-to-Business Marketing
Prerequisite: MGNT 5008 or an undergraduate course in marketing principles
This course focuses on the buying patterns practiced in the industrial marketplace. The course builds a foundation for the student to better understand the underlying conditions that govern an industrial marketing transaction beyond the immediate product or service that is being sought. The role of technology and its importance in the development of industrial products is explored along with the critical role of services to the products with which they are connected.
MGNT 6025 Managing Professionals
Prerequisite: MGNT 5000 or an undergraduate course in management principles
An applied management skills course which covers principles of management using behavioral guidelines grounded in research. Students develop and apply leadership and team-building skills
through experiential learning. Topics include communication, creative problem solving, motivation, power and influence, and conflict management.
MGNT 6028 Marketing Research
Prerequisite: MGNT 5008 and QA 5000 or an undergraduate course in marketing principles and an undergraduate course in statistics
Marketing Research enables the student to conduct an opinion research project to better understand the underpinnings of a successful marketplace query. "Hand-on" experience in questionnaire design, data gathering and analysis. Student teams prepare both a written and oral presentation of the results to experience the relationship between researcher and management in the gathering and communication of research information. The statistics prerequisite enables the students to effectively utilize SPSS for Windows to manipulate the gathered data and use it to support meaningful decisions.
MGNT 6032 Information System Analysis and Design
Prerequisite: MGNT 6010
Provides an advanced understanding of the system development and modification process in business information systems. Introduces the factors for effective communication with and integration of users and user systems. Emphasis on analyzing, modeling and designing processes that improve business processes through the development of effective and efficient information systems. Covers system analysis, information requirements analysis and process, design and implementation.
MGNT 6034 Database Development and Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 6010 or MGNT 6032
Provides the theory and practice of database development and management, and the application of database software to implement business information systems that support managerial and operational decision making. Special emphasis will be placed on database applications software to manage resources within the functional areas of business.
MGNT 6038 Advanced Database Development and Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 6032 or MGNT 6034
Covers advanced concepts of the theories and practices of database development and management in various business environments. Includes advanced topics such as data and database administration, distributed databases, object-oriented data modeling and development, and data warehousing and mining.

MGNT 6040 Current Readings in Management of Technology

This course will examine how technology affects public issues. The content of the course will be based on the issues currently of concern and will range from ecology to health care to telecommunications.
MGNT 6046 Quantitative Analysis
Prerequisites: MGNT 5000 and QA 5000 or an undergraduate course in management principles and an undergraduate course in statistics
A survey course of the mathematical and analytical techniques available for the managerial decision-making process. The student is introduced to operations research and system analysis techniques. These techniques include linear programming, simulation, waiting line analysis, forecasting, and CPM/PERT.
MGNT 6048  Purchasing Management
Prerequisites: MGNT 5773 or an undergraduate course in Production and Operations Management, MGNT 5873 or an undergraduate course in Legal Environment
Study of the activities, responsibilities, relationships and system involved in the purchase of materials, services and capital equipment.  Topics include identifying requirements; evaluating en selecting “best value” vendors; techniques for planning and executing the purchasing function, including fundamentals of negotiating, ethical and legal aspects of purchasing; interactions with the engineering, quality, manufacturing, materials management, transportation and legal functions and with suppliers; and international aspects of purchasing.  Purchasing responsibility for quality, delivery, inventory, price and contribution to profit also are covered.
MGNT 6050 Project Management
Prerequisites: MGNT 5000 and QA 5000 or an undergraduate course in management principles and an undergraduate course in statistics
A study of the project planning, organizing, control concepts and techniques. Coverage will include projects and specifications. Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) the Critical Path Method (CPM), the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), Gantt charting, and time/resource management.
MGNT 6055 Total Quality Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 5000 and QA 5000 or undergraduate courses in management principles and an undergraduate course in statistics
The concepts of TQM will develop leadership and interpersonal skills along with an understanding of planning and customer, satisfaction, in addition to process analysis. The discussion will focus on quality and how to use project teams, such as selecting a project and choosing team members. Topics will be covered concerning setting up meetings and guidelines for productive meetings. Team aspects and team building and activities will also be discussed.
MGNT 6060 Entrepreneurship
Prerequisites: MGNT 5000 or an undergraduate course in management principles, MGNT 5006 or an undergraduate course in finance, MGNT 5008 or an undergraduate course in marketing principles, and MGNT 6005 or equivalent
This course addresses the management challenges associated with starting and successfully running a new venture. It provides students with an opportunity to apply the theories and tools that they have learned elsewhere in the curriculum to the venture creation process.
MGNT 6065 Issues in International Management
Prerequisites: MGNT 5000 or undergraduate management principles, MGNT 5006 or undergraduate finance, MGNT 5008 or undergraduate marketing) and MGNT 6005
This course deals with cultural, institutional, economic, and financial environments characteristic of international markets. It will focus on strategic and operational plans that managers must undertake in formulating international business activities.
MGNT 6070 Issues in Human Resource Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 5000 or an undergraduate course in management principles
This course covers employment practices and employment law in unionized and non-unionized settings. The focus on decision making and administrative issues for managers.
MGNT 6090 Strategic Management CAPSTONE COURSE
Prerequisite: Students should take this course within the last two semesters of the degree program, requires instructor approval.
Exposes the student to the process of strategic decision-making. Emphasis is placed on the use of SWOT analyses in development of the strategic plan and the determination of the long-term character of the enterprise. Cases will be analyzed, and classroom presentations will be made by distinguished industrial executives and leaders.
MGNT 6091-6093 Special Topics
MGNT 7501-7503 Independent Research
Prerequisite: At least half of the MBA degree completed, requires professor approval
Course covers special topics of interest to the students. Course credit and topic are arranged between instructor and student.
Note: MBA students may take selected electives in other graduate programs subject to prerequisite requirements and faculty approval.

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