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Minor in Accounting
Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for a minor in Accounting?

Fifteen upper-division hours (3000+) of Accounting courses are required. You must take Intermediate I and II, Cost Accounting, and Auditing & Assurance.  You may then choose either Advanced Accounting or Taxation I as your fifth course.

Do I have to "declare" a minor?

No. Nothing is required to you to take courses towards a minor. When you get ready to graduate, you will list the minor on your petition to graduate. Including the minor on the petition to graduate is the only administrative action required for the minor.

Having said that, it is to your strong advantage "declare" the minor even though it is not required. That way, Degree Works keeps track of your progress towards the minor as well as your major. To declare your minor, just send an email to the registrar's office with your name, student ID, and a note telling him you plan to get the Business Administration minor and he will code it into Degree Works for you.

I am majoring in IET and I have to take ACCT 2101 as part of my major. Can I count this towards my minor in Accounting?

Yes. SPSU allows courses like these to be double-counted, once towards your major and again towards your minor. In fact, a course can be counted towards the major and multiple minors if it fits in more than one minor.

Do I have to take all the courses for the minor at SPSU?

No. According to the undergraduate catalog:

"To receive a minor, a student must complete at least six hours of the upper division requirements for the minor at Southern Polytechnic State University. Transfer credit may be used to satisfy the other requirements for the minor. Specific courses for minors are listed at the end of the curricula section of this catalog."

What that means is that at least two of your upper division (3000+) minor courses must be taken at SPSU. The others can be transferred in from other schools.

Can I count cross-registration courses towards my minor?

Yes.  As far as SPSU is concerned, cross-registered courses are treated exactly the same as courses taken at SPSU.

Can I count 6000-level MGNT courses towards a minor?

No. 6000-level courses are graduate courses and cannot be used towards an undergraduate degree. In addition, undergraduate students are not allowed to take MGNT 6000-level courses. There is no graduate minor in Accounting.

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