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Grade Appeals - Responses To Frequently Asked Questions 

I think my grade was calculated incorrectly. What should I do?

The first thing you must do is talk to your professor. Your professor can explain how your grade was calculated. No one else has access to that information.

I am not satisfied with the response from my professor. What should I do next?

That depends. You cannot appeal a grade you received on an exam or assignment. The only grade you can appeal is the letter grade you receive at the end of the course. If the course is still going on and you are dissatisfied with your grades and it is before the "W" day, you can drop the course. If it is after the "W" grade, you can ask the professor if they will allow you to withdraw after the deadline.

The grade I want to appeal is the letter grade I received in a course. How long do I have to appeal the grade?

Grades must be appealed within one semester. So, if you want to appeal a grade you received in fall semester, you have until the end of that spring semester to file your appeal?

How do I file the appeal?

Your appeal must be in writing. It should contain all of the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your student number (not your social security number)
  • The name and number of the course for which you are appealing your grade
  • The name of the professor
  • A detailed explanation of why you think your grade is incorrect
  • Any evidence you have that the grade was calculated incorrectly


Who do I send the appeal to?

Grade appeals go to the chair of the department that is responsible for the course, not to the chair of your major. If the course prefix is ACCT, ECON, or MGNT, then the appeal goes to:

Dr. Ronny Richardson

regardless of your major.

Can I submit the grade appeal by email?

The Business Administration Department does accept grade appeals via email. Some departments do not. You must check with the department chair to find out. Appeals to the dean or above must always be in writing.


Keep in mind that your grade appeal must be supported by evidence. If you choose to submit your grade appeal by email, you must be able to send your evidence by email. In most cases, it is best to submit a written grade appeal so you can include copies of all of your evidence.

How long does it take to decide?

That depends on how long it takes to get in contact with your professor and get all the information I need. Appeals filed during final exams naturally take longer because professors are very busy and appeals filed during breaks naturally take longer since professors are often on vacation. Appeals where the student has already talked to the professor generally go much faster.

How likely is it that my grade will be changed?

Everyone at the University wants you to get the grade you earned. If the professor made a mistake, they will be glad to change the grade. That is why you need to start by talking to your professor. If they did make a mistake, they can go ahead and change the grade very quickly.

Having said that, realize that students often over estimate their performance in a class. If the professor made a mistake, they will be happy to correct the grade. If the professor did not make a mistake, the chance of someone higher up changing the grade is very low.

Students should only pursue an appeal if they believe they can present clear evidence in writing that a grade was based on criteria other than a fair and impartial evaluation of academic performance.

Can I get my exams or papers regraded?

In a grade appeal, I verify that the professor calculated the grade correctly and did not overlook any assignments or other matters. I do not regrade assignments. Your professor is the content expert not me.


What if I do not agree with your decision?


Your grade appeal must come to me first. Once I have made my decision, if you do not agree with it, you may appeal to the dean. If you are appealing a Business Administration course, that would be Dr. Jeffrey Ray. If you do not agree with his decision, you can appeal to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. If you do not agree with his decision, you can appeal to the President. The official policies and procedures on this can be viewed here.

The course was too hard. How will that affect the grade appeal?

It has no impact. Students often find courses hard and different students find different courses hard. The only thing that matters in a grade appeal is how well you met the requirements set forth for the course.

My friend got a better grade in the course and we did the same work. How will that affect the grade appeal?

A grade appeal only looks at how well you met the requirements set forth for the course. How well or poorly anyone else in the course performed has no bearing. In fact, it is against Federal privacy laws for me to discuss your friend's performance with you.

I need a good grade to keep my financial aid. How will that affect the grade appeal?

A grade appeal only looks at how well you met the requirements set forth for the course. Your financial aid situation has no bearing.

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