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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have been expelled and need to be reinstated. What do I need to do?

Undergraduate Students

If this is your first reinstatement, you need to fill out a petition for reinstatement and drop it by my office (J-378). Be sure to explain what changes you have made to be able to succeed the second time around. I do not need to be there when you drop off the petition. I will sign it and send it forward. I will place three conditions on your reinstatement:

  1. You take MGNT 1000 right away if you have not already taken it.
  2. You take the business section of SPSU 1001 right away if you have not already taken it.
  3. You have regular meetings with the School adviser (Vanessa Bard until you get your GPA above 2.0.

If this is your second (or more) reinstatement, you will need to make an appointment with me to discuss the situation. The first reinstatement is fairly automatic, any more are not. If I agree to reinstate you, the conditions will be the same as above.

Graduate Students

Reinstatements are not automatic at the graduate level. If this is your first reinstatement, your first step is to meet with the program coordinator for your graduate program. That is Dr. Sandra Vasa-Sideris for the MBA and Dr. Don Ariail for the MS in Accounting. If they agree for you to be reinstated, you will work with them to develop a plan to get your GPA back above 3.0. You will then submit that plan to me and I will review it. If I agree, I will forward the plan to the Dean for final approval.

SPSU has a policy that for a second graduate reinstatement, you must wait at least one year after being expelled before you can apply for a second reinstatement. This cannot be waived. As a general rule, the Business Administration Department does not approve second graduate reinstatements except in very extraordinary situations.

Is reinstatement always approved?

At the undergraduate level, first reinstatements are always approved and second reinstatements are usually approved. At the graduate level, you must have a strong plan to improve your performance before a first reinstatement will be approved and second reinstatements are only approved in very extraordinary situations.

The semester is about to start. Can I get approved in time to take courses this semester?

If it is a first reinstatement at the undergraduate level, it can be handled in a couple of days so most likely. Second (and later) reinstatements take longer at the undergraduate level since you must make an appointment to see me and work out a plan for succeeding. First reinstatements at the graduate level can take weeks to complete due to the extra levels of approvals required so you should not wait until the last minute for these. Plus, there is no guarantee they will be approved.

What if I want to change majors when I am reinstated?

You can file a petition to exclude all the courses from your old major (not the core.) Often times, this will raise your GPA. You must exclude all of the courses in your prior major, not just some of them. That is, you cannot pick-and-choose. Approval is fairly routine at the undergraduate level.

The issue is much more complex at the graduate level. If you are considering changing majors, you must be accepted into the new program first. See that program coordinator for details.


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