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Specifically, this page provides periodical reports on performance that are available to public.


SPSU Business school produces highly competitive students. As an example, SPSU Business students recently participated in and won statewide Georgia Social Business and Microcredit Forum among 38 teams from 32 colleges and universities across the state. The SPSU team created Restoration Trust, a micro-loan program to help abused women in Marietta break the cycle of violence by reshaping their lives via education pursuits and enterprise. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, was the forum's keynote speaker. He presented the top award to SPSU for having developed a plan for a workable business to address a critical social issue.

Sources of Information and Dissemination to Public

a.  Office of Institutional Research

Southern Polytechnic State University’s Office of Institutional Research is responsible for collection, analysis, distribution, and presentation of data for audiences both within and outside the University. Utilizing data for students, faculty, finances and facilities of the College, Institutional Research performs a number of functions including the following:

  • Reporting timely and accurate information for use in planning, decision-making, and policy formulation.
  • Providing information that communicates effectively the role and character of the University to students, alumni, and the public.

Detailed reports can be found at /institutionalresearch/

b.   Planning and Assessment - Institutional Effectiveness

A great amount of information on performance and assessments is reported on a regular basis. The following short list depicts various outlets to public. /planningassessment/index.htm

  • Peterson's
  • U.S News and world report
  • the Fact book /institutionalresearch/
  • PolyDasher Shared Data Set
  • EWC 2010 Degrees Awarded Survey
  • Best for Vets: Colleges
  • Submitted Barron’s Student Profile 2010-11
  • Open
  • NAAB Survey 2010
  • NACAC Admission Trend Survey 2010
  • College Board Survey
  • Noel-Levitz 2010 Retention Indicator
  • ASEE Survey
  • Princeton Review Game Pro Magazine Survey
  • Consumer’s Digest
  • XAP Undergraduate Survey
  • ACT Graduate Survey
  • Submitted ARCHE Annual Enrollment and Credit Hour survey
  • Great Colleges Questionnaire

c.   Public Relations

Public Relations handles internal and external communications among the university's many audiences, including publicity, media relations and special target publications. The department supports activities and programs of our students, faculty, and staff, and interacts and collaborates with the community at large of behalf of the university. See Campus News (includes News Releases) at /newsroom/news/index.htm

d.   Other Venue of Dissemination

In addition, SPSU supplies to the public the basic information required by the Higher Education Reauthorization Act. The URL is /higher_education_act/

e.    Business Administration Resources

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f.     ACBSP - Results of Assessment Activities

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       Business Outcome Results AY2011-2012 >>

       Business Outcome Results Prior to 2010 Table-I >>

g.    ACBSP - Performance Report - CHEA Standard 12

       Performance Report - Business Administration May 2013 >>


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