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SPSU Budget Office
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060
Fax: (678) 915-7474

Home >> Budget Office >> FAQs


Q: What is my department number?

A: Refer to the SPSU Departmental ID Spreadsheet

Q: When an Employee Information Form (EIF) is completed where should it be sent?

A: Budget and Grants Department

Q: When do I need to complete a Budget Amendment Form?

A:   A Budget Amendment Form should to be completed for when an employee receives a status change, salary or wage increase, supplemental pay, or when there is a change in the salary funding source. Budget Amendment forms should also be used for movement of funds across travel or OS&E within or across departments.

Q: Where do I find the Budget Amendment Form?

A: In the Forms section of this website.

Q: When a Departmental Request (DR) is completed where should it be sent?

A: Procurement Department

Q: When a Payment Request (PR) is completed where should it be sent?

A: Accounts Payable