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SPSU Budget Office
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060
Fax: (678) 915-7474

Welcome to the Office of Budget and Grants at SPSU!

The mission of the Budget Office is to optimize the development, coordination and maintenance of the University’s financial resources, as well as provide grant administration for federal, state, and private grants awarded to the University.

Our goal is to provide accurate and timely financial information needed to make informed decisions and proper planning. We provide analysis and assistance to each department to meet their budgeting needs.  Maintain open communication inside the department as well as with external departments. Furthermore we continuously improve processes related to budgeting and reporting.

Office of Budget and Grants
E-mail: budget.office@spsu.edu
Fax: (678) 915-7474
Location: Norton Hall


Fund Code Description


10000  State Appropriations  Non-lapsing
10500  Tuition  Non-lapsing
10600  Other General  Non-lapsing
12210  Auxiliary Housing  Lapsing
12220  Auxiliary Food Services  Lapsing
12230  Auxiliary Stores & Shops (Bookstore)  Lapsing
12240  Auxiliary Health Services  Lapsing
12250  Auxiliary Transportation & Parking  Lapsing
12270  Auxiliary Other Organizations  Lapsing
12280  Athletics  Lapsing
13000  Student Activities  Lapsing
14000  Departmental Sales & Services  Lapsing
15000  Indirect Cost Recovery  Lapsing
16000  Technology Fee  Lapsing
50000  Unexpended Plant (Capital)  Non-lapsing
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