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BS in Biology

The B.S. degree in Biology at Southern Polytechnic State University is achieved by satisfying 120 credit hours. Within the B.S. degree, there are six "tracks" to choose from that allow a student to further specify the type of biology education that interests them most: the General Biology Track, the Biotechnology Track, the Bioinformatics track, the Teacher Education Track, the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Trackand the Pre-Health Professional Track, designed for students heading to professional schools like medical school, pharmacy school, or dental school after graduation. The tracks are a great way for students to fine-tune their education to their specific interests, and students can easily change from one track to another track if their interests change.  For biology students interested in business or administration, a 5-year BS/MBA program is also available.

The General Biology Track is a great place for new students to start exploring the many fields in Biology. This track is designed to offer the greatest flexibility in choosing upper-level biology electives and, at the same time, ensure that students are well-prepared for any field of biology after graduation. The curriculum for the General Biology Track is designed to provide a well-rounded education while preparing students for industrial positions or graduate school in almost any field of biology.

Biotechnology encompasses the high-tech part of Biology that manipulates DNA, cells, and living organisms to create a range of practical products that improve lives.  Biotechnology is used in applications that create therapeutic medications, clean up polluted environments, perform crime-scene forensics, or create pest-resistant crops.  The Biotechnology Track provides advanced laboratory skills that teach students how to manipulate, modify, and create biological products.  Students earning a B.S. degree in Biology within this track will have numerous career opportunities, including medical research, drug discovery, agricultural biotechnology, and forensic science, among many others.

The Pre-Health Professional Track is for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in health-related professions. The Pre-Health Professional Track curriculum is designed to prepare students for further study or careers in medicine, veterinary science, physical therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, chiropractic medicine, and many other health-related professions. Besides taking courses in biology, students are encouraged to take free elective courses that are appropriate for the professional field they are interested in, such as sociology, psychology, and business management. For more information, check out the Pre-Professional student resource page.

Nearly all questions asked in biology today are being answered and understood at the molecular level. This trend will continue and requires individuals with training in molecular biology and biochemistry to help solve the biological problems of the future. The Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Track is designed to prepare students for careers in these fields. Students earning a B.S. degree in Biology within this track will have numerous career opportunities, including molecular biology and biochemistry research, secondary education, and working as a laboratory technician, among many others.

Students in the Teacher Education Track receive a B.S. in Biology and a recommendation for certification to teach grades 6-12.

A minor in biology is also available.

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