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Criteria for Outside Documentation: Guidelines for Psychological Disabilities

Some individuals experience significant disruptions in mood, thinking, and behavioral regulation that are secondary to a psychological disorder. Many different psychological disorders can interfere with cognitive, emotional, and social functioning and may negatively impact a student’s ability to function in an academic environment. The symptoms and associated impairment may be either chronic or episodic. Test anxiety by itself is not considered a psychological disorder. Complete descriptions and diagnostic criteria for psychological disorders are available in the current version of the DSM.

Documentation must Include:

  • Letterhead of diagnostician
  • Date of last visit.
  • DSM-IV and/or DSM-5 Diagnosis/date of diagnosis
  • Assessment procedures used to make the diagnosis
  • Historical data taken into account in making the diagnosis.
  • Major symptoms currently being manifested.
  • Level of symptom severity (Global Assessment of Functioning)
  • A mental impairment rises to the level of a disability when it substantially limits one or more major life activities of the individual. Please indicate what major life activity is currently impacted and how/to what degree it is limited. Please attach any test results, etc. you used to measure these limitations.
  • Please discuss any current medications this individual is taking and the impact it has on the limitations described above.
  • What is the treatment plan and prognosis (expected duration).
  • Signature of individual with credentials to make the above diagnosis

The specific documentation guidelines (Criteria for Outside Evaluations)
USG Documentation Guidelines for Psychological Disorders in Appendix E.