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Criteria for Outside Documentation: Guidelines for Health Impairment Related Disabilities

Students with other health-related disabilities should submit a typed letter stating their diagnosis, printed on letterhead stationary, from their physician or other appropriate diagnosing professional. Documentation should explain how this diagnosis impacts the student's academic functioning and suggest reasonable accommodations.

Documentation must include:

  • Must be on a letterhead, be dated & signed
  • Documentation should be recent/current (evaluation took place within the last six-months)
  • Must have a diagnosis
  • Must state a prognosis (what is the likely outcome or course of the disability?)
  • How does the disability/condition impact the student (i.e. causes frequent headaches, dizziness)?
  • How does the disability affect the student in the academic/educational environment (i.e. affects concentration, ability to focus, and writing)?
  • What academic adjustments/accommodations are required/recommended (i.e. extra time, frequent breaks)?
  • How does this condition rise to the level of a disability?
  • A physical or mental impairment rises to the level of a disability when it substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of the individual. Please specify which major life activities are impacted and how/to what degree they are limited. Please attach any test results, etc. which measure these limitations. Should include information related to current medications or aids used by student, including the effects these have on the limitations described above. A major life activity is learning, walking, breathing, etc.
  • The credentials of the individual making the diagnosis must also be included.