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Criteria for Outside Documentation: Guidelines for Learning Disabiilties

Documentation must include the following:
The Board of Regents specifies that a student must meet three criteria to be considered as having a specific learning disability:

1.Average intellectual ability based on performance on a standardized IQ test.

2.A significant discrepancy between intellectual ability and achievement in one of more, but not all academic areas (i.e. reading, math, written language).

3.The academic discrepancy is linked to weaknesses in information and cognitive processing abilities.

In order to receive accommodations for a specific learning disability, the student must provide documentation that addresses each of these three criteria.
Documentation must be within three years of the student’s application for accommodations, or the evaluation must have been completed as an adult (18years or older).

The specific documentation guidelines (Criteria for Outside Evaluations)
USG Documentation Guidelines for Learning Disabilities.