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Documentation Criteria

Requirements for Documentation

In order to determine eligibility for services and to provide the most reasonable and appropriate accommodations, documentation of the disability must be provided by a qualified healthcare provider. The student is responsible for obtaining the appropriate documentation which can include both general documentation, and specific documentation as shown below.

General Documentation Guidelines

Currently, the policy handbook of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia states, "Since the manifestations of a learning disability may change over the period of childhood and adolescence, documentation must reflect either data collected within the past three years or after the age of 18."

The documentation must support the need for the accommodation(s) being requested. It should clarify the areas of learning which might be affected and include specific recommendations for the appropriate accommodations for the student.

Criteria for acceptance of outside documentation are available on the links below. Additional testing may be requested if the evaluation provided does not meet the University System Board of Regents guidelines. Costs related to testing or evaluation is the responsibility of the student if the documentation does not meet the Regents guidelines.

Reasonable Time Frame

Self-disclosure and documentation can be initiated anytime during the year. However, reasonable time must be allowed before the student can expect accommodations to be in place.  Accommodations cannot be retroactive, and begin only after documentation and reasonable time for implementation is allowed.

Specific Documentation Criteria

For information about specific outside documentation criteria from the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD), please click the links below: