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Criteria for Outside Documentation: Guidelines for Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injury can result from external trauma, such as a closed head or an object penetration injury, or internal trauma, such as a cerebral vascular accident or tumor. ABI can cause physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and vocational changes that can affect an individual for a short period of time or permanently. Depending on the location and extent of the injury, symptoms can vary widely. Understanding functional changes after an injury and resulting implications for education are more important than only knowing the cause or type of injury.

The documentation required to substantiate a brain injury will vary according to the nature of the resulting limitations.

Sensory- Motor Disorders will require a report from a Neurologist or other appropriate medical specialist accompanied by a letter signed by the specialist detailing the impact of the limitations on the student's ability to participate in his/her postsecondary program.

For those students whose brain injury resulted in psychological or cognitive deficits, a thorough neuropsychological evaluation is required. This evaluation should include, but not necessarily be limited to, assessment of cognitive and psychological strengths and limitations, readiness to participate in postsecondary educational program, preferred learning style, interests and needs. It is also helpful to have suggestions for academic accommodations.

In either case, the documentation must be current enough to represent the individual's current level of functioning including testing done using adult norms. It also must include evidence that the impairment is currently substantially limiting one or more major life activities.

Specific Documentation Guidelines (Outside for Evaluation)
USG Disability Documentation for Acquired Brain Injury.