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Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a student with a disability at SPSU, what services do I have the right to receive?

  1. Appropriate accommodations according to your disability based on documentation
  2. Equal access to an education
  3. Equal and fair treatment without regard to your disability
  4. Confidentiality in matters of your documentation and educational record

As a student with a disability at SPSU, what are my responsibilities?

  1. Request accommodations in a timely manner from the Student Disability Services.
  2. Be your own advocate.
  3. Provide documentation of your disability.
  4. Meet privately with faculty to discuss test or class accommodations in a timely manner.
  5. Recognize that you are responsible for your conduct and behavior in and out of the classroom.

University Rights and Responsibilities

The university has certain rights and responsibilities as well. These rights are executed primarily through Student Disability Services and by members of the faculty.

What rights do Student Disability Services have?

  1. They can ask students to meet with staff members.
  2. Request appropriate documentation of a disability.

What responsibilities do Student Disability Services have in order to ensure that I receive equal and fair treatment at SPSU?

  1. Work with students in determining reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Teach advocacy skills to students when appropriate.
  3. Act as a mediator and advocate for students when appropriate.
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of the student.
  5. Refer students to appropriate campus or community resources.