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Confidentiality Policy

General Assurances

  • All disability related information is stored in Disability Student Services
  • Disability files are secured in lockable cabinets
  • ANY information regarding a disability obtained from the student or other sources shall be considered confidential
  • FERPA prevents documents created by the Disability Student  Services from being released to an outside third party without the written consent of the student.
  • Faculty do not have access to student disability files.
  • Neither disabilities nor accommodations are noted on transcripts or diplomas


Student Disability Services is committed to ensuring that all information regarding a student remains confidential as permitted by law. This information may include grades, biographical history, disability information and case notes. No one has immediate access to the student files in the SDS except authorized staff. University faculty and staff do not have the right nor need to access diagnostic or other information regarding a student's disability-related needs. Information may be released with a signed consent from the student for educational purposes or in emergency cases, such as a direct threat to self or others.

Should a student who has a disability encounter any problems with a class, faculty member, etc., the student is urged to contact SDS immediately.

Under federal privacy laws, SDS may only communicate with the student, and cannot respond to parents, spouses, children, or state appointed guardians. In order to ensure compliance with this policy, communication by phone, email, or in person with anyone other than the student may be restricted.  However, students are welcome to bring relatives and guardians to meetings and appointments.

In regards to other issues, which may be outside the purview of Disability Services, we will be glad to counsel with the student and make any appropriate referrals.