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Accommodations Information

Students with Disabilities (SWD) may be entitled to certain accommodations in academic settings such as classroom and lab, in testing, or in general campus access.  Students participating in off-campus programs may also be entitled to accommodations in order to participate in those programs. The Office of Disability Services is responsible for identifying appropriate accommodations and working with faculty/staff to assure that accommodations are arranged.

Possible Testing Accommodations

  • extended time
  • low distraction environment
  • oral testing
  • test reader or test on tape
  • test scribe
  • rephrase questions
  • reformat test
  • sign language interpreter
  • large print test
  • Braille test
  • calculator for math
  • voice calculator
  • electronic speller
  • use of a computer for writing
  • test rescheduling

Possible Academic Accommodations

  • sign language interpreter
  • oral description of visual aids
  • sign language interpreter in class
  • preferential seating
  • note taking request
  • closed captioned videos
  • lab assistance
  • large print handouts and materials
  • accessible desk/chair
  • disability related absences
  • disability related extension
  • laptop computer note taking
  • adaptive technology in class
  • assistive listening device
  • Braille handouts and materials

Possible Academic Accommodations

  • sign language interpreter
  • handicap parking
  • classroom location changes
  • books in alternative format
  • orientation/mobility assistance
  • referral for counseling/tutoring
  • adaptive technology
  • foreign language adaptations
  • reduced course load
  • library assistance

Standardized Tests

For other standardized tests, the student must apply for and be granted accommodations through the particular testing service. 
The University System and SPSU are NOT a part of the process for granting accommodations on the following tests:





or any other national certification tests. Follow the link above for that test's web site, or see the test registration book for each of these tests to determine procedures and requirements for applying for accommodations.