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Accessing Your Accommodations

Responsibilities Each Semester

  • Complete the Faculty Accommodation Form (FAF).
  • Make Testing Arrangements with the Professor.
    Schedule any needed appointments with the ATTIC as the Testing Policy specifies.
  • Request Course Textbooks prior to the start of classes.
  • All Students, including Students with Disabilities (SWD), have the responsibility to communicate concerns with the professor(s) in regards to the course. 
  • Students accessing accommodations are responsible for communicating with the Office of Disability Services any concerns regarding access or accommodation implementation within a course immediately.

Faculty Accommodation Form


  1. Submit your schedule to the Office of Disability Services and pick up the FAF at the start of classes.
  2. Take the FAF to the faculty member to identify your access to accommodations and communicate the implementation of the listed accommodations as they pertain to that course.
  3. Return the signed FAF to the Office of Disability Services in ATTIC.
  4. Distribute Sealed Envelope copies back to your professor(s).

Request Textbooks in Alternative Media Format

Requests to provide materials in alternative format (Braille, Recorded, Digital, etc.) must be made in timely manner. If you are eligible to receive materials in Alternative Format and wish to place a textbook order please click the below:


The ATTIC makes every effort to provide text in an alternative format in a timely manner for students with print disabilities, advanced notification is absolutely essential.  If you need additional assistance with ordering your textbook, contact Katie Fahn at or

Timely Manner

Students are responsible for requesting accommodations in a timely manner. (Generally this means the beginning of the semester or well before any deadlines.) The university is under no legal obligation to retroactively grant a request for accommodations.