Southern Polytechnic State University Meeting of the School of Arts and Sciences

August 14, 2007


The School of Arts and Sciences welcomed new faculty members.  These new faculty members included Melissa Weaver, Matthew McCool, Kami Carey Anderson, Marianne Holdzkom, Kisa Ranasinghe, Paula Checchi, and Wei Zhou.  Dean Gabrielli announced the promotions of Herb Smith and Kim Haimes‑Korn to Professor and Terry Carter, Larry Wang and Phil Patterson to Associate Professor.


The faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences (A&S) reelected Terry Carter as moderator and Thomas Nisley as secretary.  A&S nominated and elected three of its members to serve on peer committees to the three other schools as SPSU.  James Whitenton will serve on the ETM committee, Herb Smith on CSE and Bernice Nuhfer‑Halten on ACC.


Dean Gabrielli requested a reactivation of the Planning Executive and Bylaws Committee.  Dean Gabrielli suggested that the bylaws for A&S are woefully out of date.  The faculty of A&S agreed to the reactivation of the committee with moderator Terry Carter as a member and passed a motion that each department will select an individual to serve on the committee.  The faculty of A&S passed a motion that the Planning Executive and Bylaws Committee examine and revise the current A&S mission statement.


Dean Gabrielli made a series of announcements.  The degree in chemistry is now active and has its first declared major.  The psychology degree is in the process of approval.  Dean Gabrielli anticipates that psychology as a major for SPSU students will be available in the spring.  According to Dean Gabrielli, an education degree proposal will be forthcoming.  The education program will be in the School of Arts and Sciences as a stand alone department or housed temporarily in the Department of Social and International Studies. The Dean informed the faculty that freshman enrolment is up over 20% from last year.  A&S conducted 10 faculty searches last year and filled seven positions, which bring the total number of regular faculty members in A&S to 49.

In closing, Dean Gabrielli discussed the upcoming reaffirmation of accreditation for SPSU by SACs.